3 opossum moon iphone case

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3 opossum moon iphone case

3 opossum moon iphone case

Major League Baseball did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter. It would be odd, though, if an organization so deeply concerned about cheating merely took Yost's word for it. Some observers will surely be paying attention to any bulges in his pockets. Will there be official searches?. A secondary irony is that Yost actually got the Watch from MLB as a gift for being the American League manager in the All-Star Game. He seems quite keen on it. As McCullough added: "Away from dugout, Yost said he only uses the Watch to catalog his exercises goals and such during the day. He can also check the weather."Well he could check the weather by merely looking up at the sky, but that would be a little too oldy-worldy.

It's a relief, therefore, that the Watch isn't banned, One day, perhaps every manager and player will have a constant stream of data, There's surely a 3 opossum moon iphone case hitter or two who could take calls on it while waiting for the pitcher to adjust his cap, tug at his pants, turn toward first base, shrug off at least three of the catcher's signs and spit several times onto the mound, (Via The Sporting News), Update, 1:45 p.m, PT: Clarifies that the MLB told MarketWatch the Apple Watch is not banned during games, despite earlier reports suggesting it was..

I'm typing away and suddenly realize that I've suggested something I wouldn't dream of suggesting. And I don't even notice until I get an enervated textual slap across the chops. I am clearly not alone. For here is the tale of a woman who texted her a request for a birthday cake. Marie Seggie of Coatbridge, Scotland, wanted to do something nice for her daughter Laura's 21st birthday. She told the baker, a friend of hers, that she wanted a cake. Then she realized she hadn't entirely mentioned what kind of cake.

So, as the Scottish Daily Record records it, she sent the text without checking it thoroughly, She didn't 3 opossum moon iphone case realize that she hadn't exactly asked for a blond girl like her daughter to be seated on top of the cake, She'd asked for a blind girl, We know this because 17-year-old Emily Seggie, who can hardly have kept a straight face, posted an image of the cake on Twitter, Emily told the Daily Record: "It was one of my mum's friends that made the cake for Laura, At the last minute, mum texted her and asked her to put a wee blonde figure on top."Wee, for those who may not know, is Scottish for small, For those who may also not know, weeing yourself doesn't mean making yourself smaller, It means peeing in your pants, I suspect there may have been one or two people weeing themselves at the sight of the cake..

The culprit was, of course, technology not humanity. As Emily Seggie explained: "We were a bit confused why there was a blind girl on top, but then mum told us the mistake she had made with autocorrect."Being a touch suspicious of such tales, I do wonder why the friend who baked the cake didn't ask Marie Seggie why on earth she'd want a blind girl on top of a 21-year-old's cake. Instead, here was this dark-haired girl (yes, not even blond) complete with a white cane. People, though, are dictated to by technology. They take it at its word. Even though it was created by some very strange sorts seated in ill-lit rooms and nourished by ill-making foodstuffs.

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