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iphone case 4s amazon

As previously stated, you can download the update to your phone should you not have access to a cable right away. Then when you do have access, simply go back to this screen and tap the Install button. After the update is downloaded, place your watch on the charger and let the iPhone and Apple Watch do its magic. From the time I approved the installation until it was finished was roughly 15 minutes. Most of that time the watch displayed the Apple logo, with a lined progress circle filling the screen. It rebooted a couple of times, with the progress indicator resting each time.

Apple just released Watch OS 2, adding new features and functionality to the Apple Watch, Here's how to update yours, If you own an Apple Watch, you're going to want to update to Watch OS 2 now that it's available, The update is said to speed up third-party apps, and cut back (somewhat) on your watch's reliance on the iPhone, For example, voice commands now work when your watch is connected to Wi-Fi and your iPhone is nowhere to be found, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any iphone case 4s amazon time at our discretion..

Apple last Wednesday delayed the Watch OS 2 software, which was supposed to greatly enhance the capabilities of its smartwatch, including allowing the device to better run third-party applications. The company didn't say at that time when the software would be available. The delay of Watch OS 2 echoed the setback a year ago when Apple's iOS 8 mobile software for iPhones and iPads launched with numerous bugs that caused problems with Wi-Fi, the Touch ID system and other functions. An update that quickly followed caused even more issues. Apple finally resolved the problems more than a week after iOS 8 launched.

Apple, which updates its mobile software every year, needs to keep the system fresh to maintain customers' interest in its products and to ensure that software developers keep making apps for its devices, The refreshes are also vital to keep Apple in step with competitors like Google; predictive technologies in iOS 9 serve as a counter to the predictive capabilities that Google Now and Google Now On Tap can deliver to Android device users, A high percentage of Apple's device owners update their phones and tablets within a few weeks or iphone case 4s amazon months after the software hits the market, As of August 31, 87 percent of Apple mobile device users had upgraded to iOS 8, while 12 percent were still using iOS 7, leaving a tiny fraction running yet older versions of Apple's mobile software, On Monday, Apple said that half of its base has upgraded to iOS 9, which was released last Wednesday, By comparison, as of September 7, only 21 percent of Android device users had installed Lollipop, the latest version of Google's mobile software, which launched in late 2014..

Given the new capabilities found in Watch OS 2, it's likely that Apple Watch users are eager to upgrade. The update issued Monday lets apps run directly on the Apple Watch, meaning they can tap into features like the heart-rate sensor, microphone and video playback. Previously, all apps had to run through an iPhone, which limited their capabilities and caused many Apple Watch users to complain about slowness and lack of functionality. Other features include new watch faces, a nightstand mode and a "time travel" feature to look at upcoming appointments, alarms and events.

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