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iphone case diy

On many large screen smartphones, the user interface isn't always optimized for the larger display, and some icons can appear too large and look awkward. It's definitely a pet peeve of mine. The R7's screen, however, isn't big enough that this would be a problem, and the icons appear to fit the screen well. The R7's camera app has a pretty simple layout. There's a big shutter button at the bottom, and when holding the phone in a landscape position, you can filter your photos by tapping the button at the top-left corner. Doing this will give you access to a bunch of filters and features, such as Ultra HD (which stitches multiple pictures into one for a larger image) and other standard modes such as panorama and HDR. There's a cool GIF animation creator, which lets you shoot a movable image like a video, but without sound. You can also reverse the motion of the capture to spice things up.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The Good The Oppo R7 packs premium design into a slim, luxurious metal package, It also features Oppo's patented fast charging and you can easily get hold of it in major western markets, The Bad The phone is expensive for its midrange hardware, and its battery life isn't that good, The Bottom Line Oppo's R7 looks great, but the $400 price tag will push iphone case diy potential buyers away, There are cheaper phones out there that are just as good, and better ones don't cost much more..

Last of the new multitasking features is a new virtual keyboard. The keyboard can quickly turn into a trackpad for quickly navigating and editing text, and constantly offers tool shortcuts just above the keys for simply editing. When typing with the keyboard, you can convert it to a trackpad by placing two fingers on the screen anywhere inside the keyboard. The keys will turn dark gray, losing all letters and numbers. You can move the cursor by dragging both fingers across the screen, lifting your fingers when the cursor has reached its destination.

You can use the same setup to highlight large blocks of text, Instead of placing two fingers on the screen, however, you'll quickly double-tap with two fingers (leaving both on the screen on the second tap), The nearest text word or character will become highlighted, with more text becoming iphone case diy highlighted as you drag your fingers across, The trackpad functionality is easy to use as long as you remember one thing: spread your fingers apart just a little bit, For the first month or so of the public beta, I kept placing my fingers right next to each other and had issues, Once I figured this little trick out, life got a whole lot easier..

As you use the new keyboard throughout various apps, you'll notice just above the top row on either side of the QuickType suggestions are shortcut keys. The keys present will vary from app to app, but the gist is the same: these keys provide valuable shortcuts to commands such as copy, paste, undo and text formatting. Get in the habit of using then instead of long-pressing on the screen, highlighting the text, then navigating through the pop-up menu. The same trackpad-like functionality will make its way to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but not older models due to it requiring 3D Touch to activate.

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