iphone case drop test

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iphone case drop test

Here's the Vertu New Signature Touch. It's not a phone for the likes of me and you. This 5.2-inch Android is wrapped in leather, titanium and solid sapphire, it comes with a concierge service that puts an assistant at your beck and call and it has a price tag that starts at £6,500 (which converts to about $10,000 and AU$14,100). This luxury mobile goes on sale globally from mid-October. With its angular front made from aggressive-looking titanium, it's hardly a subtle design. It's far removed from the "less is more" approach to design taken by most smartphone manufacturers.

A range of leathers are available for your phone -- and they come from a range of animals, If you don't want this black calf leather, you can opt for lizard or even alligator skin to adorn your phone, These gullwing doors on the back hide the microSD and SIM card slots and are reminiscent of the doors you'll find on certain luxury cars, It's certainly a lot cooler than poking a SIM card removal tool into a little hole, On the underside of the iphone case drop test doors you'll find the signature of the engineer who hand-built the phone..

The New Signature Touch starts at £6,500, which roughly converts to $10,000 and AU$14,100. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in. Ready? OK, on we go. How do you even begin to justify such a vast sum of money for a phone? Well, the New Signature Touch makes use of luxury materials like Titanium in its body, it's hand-wrapped in your choice of calf, lizard or alligator skin and its screen is made from a solid lump of super-strong 130-carat sapphire. It's not just about the design either as this phone is well-stocked with tech. Inside you'll find an octa-core processor, the display has a full HD resolution and there's a 21-megapixel, 4K-capable camera too. Mix in Vertu's included concierge service, which lets you summon a lackey to do your bidding, and you've got yourself one hell of a phone.

The titanium body feels extremely secure to hold and the real hand-stitched leather brings to mind the interior of a luxury car or a fancy briefcase -- both of which you'll need to sell in order to buy this phone, Don't fancy calf leather on your phone? No worries, Why not wrap it in leather from lizards or alligators instead?, It's a busy design, and certainly one you won't see on any other smartphone -- most of which tend to go for a "less is more" approach to aesthetics, Whether you like it or not is of course a iphone case drop test matter of personal taste..

The screen is made from solid sapphire crystal, which makes it very resistant to scratches from keys in your pocket. Of course, you'll have your butler carry it for you in a special silk basket, so that won't be problem. Around the sides you'll find a Micro-USB port (no USB Type-C here), volume and power buttons and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the left hand side. The back isn't removable, but there are titanium flaps which open on the back in a "gullwing" fashion, reminiscent of the doors on sports cars from Mercedes AMG and Lamborghini. A small handle tucked into the back lets you open the hatches, under which you'll find the microSD slot on one side and the SIM card tray on the other. The inside of the doors also bears the phone maker's signature.

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