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iphone cases 6

Apple says, "The improved Touch ID sensor detects your fingerprint even faster than the previous generation."How much faster, you ask? We don't know and Apple is mum on the details. Apple has equipped the iPhone 6S with a 1,715mAh battery -- a lower capacity than the 1,810mAh version found on last year's iPhone 6. (The "mAh" acronym stands for milliampere-hour, which is a measurement of a battery's power capacity; the higher the number, the better.). However, Apple says the battery life for the iPhone 6S is identical to the iPhone 6's.

The handset runs Apple's iOS 9 mobile operating system, which includes the mobile payment system Apple iphone cases 6 Pay and the digital search and voice assistant Siri, Apple's voice assistant will always be on and you can summon it with a simple phrase, When you say "Hey Siri", the feature will pop-up, just like it does when you hold down the home button, A new feature is 3D Touch, which works in conjunction with the pressure-sensitive display, Depending on how hard you press on the glass, you can interact with apps in different ways..

Apple has bumped up the phone's camera specs from eight to 12 megapixels. Users can also shoot ultra high-def (4K) video. A camera feature called Live Photos lets you take animated pictures, allowing objects or people to move for a few seconds within the frame. Selfie addicts and video chatters can rejoice in the fact that the iPhone 6S has a higher resolution 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The iPhone 6S is equipped with LTE Advanced, which offers higher data rates than standard LTE, and supports up to 23 LTE bands (Apple says the most in any smartphone) for better worldwide roaming. Apple also says that the iPhone 6s is up to twice as fast when you’re connected to WiFi.

That was a radical design, given at the time that Nokia's and BlackBerry's top-selling smartphones required pressing lots of buttons and keys, Eight years and nine generations of the iPhone later, Apple's round home button has remained a focal point for navigating the smartphone and a design feature that's helped set the Cupertino, California, company apart from competitors, But the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S , which goes on sale Friday alongside its larger iPhone 6S Plus sibling, may mark the beginning of the end of iphone cases 6 the home button, Some of the new functionality in the iPhone 6S -- including the pressure-sensitive touchscreen and expanded use of the voice-activated Siri virtual assistant -- may be laying the groundwork for a radical shift in design by diminishing the need for a physical home button..

Why kill such a visually distinctive feature? For one, eliminating the home button would give Apple more screen real estate to play with, allowing it to pack a larger display on a smaller body. That would translate into a device that you can still hold and navigate using one hand even if the screen gets bigger. A buttonless iPhone also would fall in line with Apple's design preference for a clean look. That's not to say Apple is certain to throw out the physical home button with next year's iPhone 7 -- or even later models. The world's second-largest smartphone maker (after Samsung Electronics) gets a lot of recognition value out of its unique home button. Also, several pieces would have to fall into place before Apple would move away from its home button, including the integration of the fingerprint sensor into the screen and the decision to create an even larger display.

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