merry christmas, ya filthy animal – red iphone case

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merry christmas, ya filthy animal – red iphone case

merry christmas, ya filthy animal – red iphone case

She appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and the Tinder profiles she sang were clearly chosen in order to enjoy the full range of her wonderful talent. Still, who could believe that some of the most mundane-sounding lines could ever enjoy such vibrant life?. For example: "Just looking for someone to take me to a Celine Dion concert." Yes, it's plaintive. But once it's sung by Clarkson it discovers a magnitude of importance that would surely have respondents swiping right, as they wiped their eyes. What she does with the line "I have a foot fetish and willing to pay for your mani pedi nails and worship your feet," has to be heard to be believed.

And then there's "I'm going to China for a month, I'm looking to slip it into something before I leave."Clarkson gives that merry christmas, ya filthy animal – red iphone case line an allure that it surely doesn't deserve, So here is your solution, Promise that you'll sing your Tinder profile to the first ten target-sex members to swipe right, And watch the embers of love glow, Technically Incorrect: On Jimmy Kimmel's show, Clarkson shows how a little talent can make the words "slip it into something" sound glorious, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives..

Intel and Fossil teamed up last September in an effort to help wearable technology merge with the world of fashion. Today we finally got a look at the Android Wear-powered smartwatch the two companies have been working on. While we didn't get word on any specs or features, the smartwatch looks nearly identical to other Android Wear devices, mainly the Moto 360 . The watch sports what appears to be a stainless-steel body with a circular face. There's also the same black bezel from the Moto 360 at the bottom of the display. This is likely where the display drivers (to control things like auto brightness) are located.

Intel also showed off a prototype authentication wearable band that is capable of unlocking your PC when in proximity of it, ultimately replacing the need for a password, Intel has developed a small and low-power chip that's designed for wearable devices, The module, known as Curie, includes merry christmas, ya filthy animal – red iphone case a six-axis combo sensor with both an accelerometer and gyroscope, These are the same sensors that are found in many activity trackers and used to measure things like steps and distance, During a live demo, however, Intel showed that the Curie chip can do even more, When embedded in the seat and handlebars of a BMX bike, for example, the chip can record things like the amount of times you spin, the airtime and maximum height you reach and your landing impact..

When we first saw Intel's smart baby seat clip back in January at the International CES trade show, it was merely a prototype, but it will be making its way to market in the coming months. Intel and Nabi partnered to create a Bluetooth-enabled smart clip for baby car seats. The sensor will notify you if you walk too far away from the car without your baby. The app can also display the internal temperature of the car and whether or not it is in motion. The Nabi Baby Seat Clip will be available this holiday season for under $50 in the US.

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