tumbled stone ballet coasters

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tumbled stone ballet coasters

tumbled stone ballet coasters

The challenge involves the players standing on narrow perches while hold a flat wooden plate and balancing a ball. Joe and Deb are out first, and with a mere 10 seconds left in the first part of the challenge, Jason slips out. They restart with two balls, and players start dropping quickly, leaving three Beauties — Tai, Nick and Julia. At the end of five minutes, the challenge is rebooted with three balls on each plate. Julia had been rock solid, but she soon drops out. One of Tai’s balls rolls off the plate and Nick wins immunity.

CLICK HERE if you are having trouble viewing these photos on a mobile deviceThere’s a crispness to the early morning air, Halloween decorations are sprouting up, Even the calendar says Fall has arrived, But this is California, where we frolic outdoors nearly all year round — and we’ve got seven sensational ways to play in San Francisco and beyond, from the always-epic Monterey Jazz Festival to Oktoberfest celebrations to tumbled stone ballet coasters a hike-and-nosh trail mix on the coast, Psst, want to get this weekend lineup delivered directly to your inbox? It’s easy..

You don’t have to put every job on your resumé. A resumé is about emphasis. Just as in a relationship, you wouldn’t tell someone you’re trying to impress about your loser ex- on the first date. (Or if you do: please don’t. It’s really just the worst.) It’s the same with resumés: there are some internships where you rocked, and some you’d like to just forget. Once an internship is over, you should figure out which of those categories it fits into, which will help you to determine whether to include it on your resumé or not.

Silicon Valley Gay Men’s Chorus, tumbled stone ballet coasters “Pure Imagination” concert, Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1550 Meridian Ave., San Jose, The chorus captures the childhood awe and excitement of the holidays, Familiar songs of joy meet songs from favorite childhood movies, 8 p.m, Also 8 p.m, Dec, 13, 3 p.m, Dec, 14, $15 and $20 at svgmc.org, Santa Clara Chorale, “The Christmas Truce” choral concert, Mission Santa Clara de Asis, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, In December 1914, German and English soldiers on the front lines of World War I set aside their weapons and took up carols in an historic, impromptu truce, One hundred years later, the chorale remembers this demonstration of humanity by singing carols and songs that were sung at this event, interspersed with readings from the letters of these soldiers, as well as seasonal choral pieces, 8 p.m, Also 4 p.m, Dec, 14, $5 to $25 (more for reserved seating) at vendini.com..

With the midterm election around the corner, politicians seeking office and campaigners on local measures also filled the scene, including Measure R, a ballot initiative amending building height restrictions and other requirements for downtown Berkeley. Up and down the street, performing stages featured girls’ and boys’ gymnastics, plus Scottish dancing, and carnival rides at each end of the route drew long lines of children and adults. Singer Dwight Wilson and his daughter Anaisha, 8, were on hand early to outfit their stage with a design depicting a carpenter building a rocket ship and going into space. He said he hoped people would listen to the music, look at the figures and imagine their own flights.

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