twoworldsofdesign iphone case

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twoworldsofdesign iphone case

twoworldsofdesign iphone case

So far, Apple's biggest changes have been to make the iPad slightly thinner and lighter. Samsung, which once held splashy events to launch its Galaxy tablets, now quietly announces them with an emailed press release, as was the case Thursday with the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook . As the tablet market slows, it's believed that larger tablets -- such as an iPad Pro -- could shake things up, giving businesses and power users a reason to buy a new device. Multitasking and split-screen capabilities in a larger device could appeal to business users who need to do several tasks at once.

Many big businesses have been scooping up hybrid devices, also known as 2-in-1s, twoworldsofdesign iphone case that convert between tablet and laptop, Two years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook famously compared hybrids to combining a toaster and a refrigerator, but market watchers believe an iPad Pro would pair well with a keyboard to serve as an alternative to a full-fledged computer, Apple could show off the iPad Pro during its product launch September 9 in San Francisco, The company on Wednesday declined to comment on a report it would introduce the tablet at the event..

On Thursday, Samsung introduced its Gear S2 smartwatch and various Internet of Things- focused devices and appliances during press events at the IFA electronics show here. The smartwatch is Samsung's seventh wearable but its first in the past year. It's also Samsung's first round smartwatch and its first wearable since Apple released the Apple Watch in April. For the rest of the news from IFA 2015, check out CNET's complete coverage. Updated at 8 p.m. CET with background information. The electronics giant shares a brief video of something it calls the Galaxy View. For details, though, we'll have to wait until October.

The Gear S2, Samsung's seventh twoworldsofdesign iphone case smartwatch but its first featuring a circular screen , will be available in the US starting in early October, It comes in two models that feature rotating bezels that let users quickly navigate through apps and features on the device, The main model, called simply the Gear S2, has a modern, minimalist bent, while the more traditional Gear S2 Classic boasts a black body and leather band, The (non-Classic) Gear S2 will also be available in a version that includes built-in 3G cellular capability..

Samsung said both devices will last two to three days on a single charge with "typical usage," and users can customize the watch faces and easily switch bands. One, the Classic, works with traditional watch bands, not just the proprietary straps common on many smartwatches. "We found our inspiration in a simple, perfect shape, a circle, the symbol of wholeness, focus, revolution and completion," Young-Hee Lee, head of marketing for Samsung's mobile business, said during an event Thursday in Berlin's Tempodrome. "The circle is intuitive. As your body knows instinctively, a circle is functional. With every turn, your life gets better."Importantly, Samsung's new smartwatches also work with non-Samsung phones for the first time. All previous generations required a Samsung smartphone to operate, but the Gear S2 will work with any Android phone that runs at least version 4.4 of Google's mobile operating software and has at least 1.56 gigabytes of RAM memory. One feature that won't work for non-Samsung phone users is Samsung Pay, the company's contactless mobile-payments service. Otherwise, Gear S2 users can purchase items by holding their wrists near a retail terminal and then entering a password on the watch.

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