winter wolf iphone case

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winter wolf iphone case

winter wolf iphone case

That initial device, created through a partnership with Facebook's Oculus, only worked with the Note 4, and the follow-up Gear VR -- shown off in March -- was tailored for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Many expected the company on Thursday to show off a new version that works with the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, and market watchers have been hoping for a Gear VR that's focused more on consumers and works with multiple Samsung devices, not just one or two models. Instead of talking about VR on Thursday, Samsung spent its 45-minute keynote showing off its new jumbo smartphones, as well as teasing its next smartwatch, the round Gear S2. Samsung plans to introduce the smartwatch S2 on September 3 at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. It could also use the venue as the place to show off its next Gear VR, though Shin declined to comment.

With its hardware expertise, Samsung could have built a virtual-reality device on its own, but it instead chose to partner with Oculus, a pioneer in the virtual-reality world, Oculus introduced a prototype of its headset, called the "Rift," in 2012, making a splash with the promise of high-quality virtual-reality gaming experiences, Industry veterans began singing its praises; a technology that had been the stuff of Hollywood storytelling since the early 1990s began marching winter wolf iphone case toward store shelves..

Facebook bought Oculus a year ago for more than $2 billion and plans a consumer version of the product next year. Other companies jumping into the market include Sony ; Google with its simple Cardboard product ; and Microsoft with its HoloLens. JK Shin, the head of Samsung's mobile business, tells CNET the exact launch date of the virtual-reality device is "a secret," but buyers won't have to wait too long. NEW YORK -- Consumers may not have to wait much longer for Samsung's next virtual-reality device.

You never accidentally bumped your screen into your keys, Your phone stayed winter wolf iphone case charged for days, You felt like Captain Kirk every time you opened it, Nowadays we have big, flat phones with the screen front and center and naked, Designer Martin Hajek decided to combine the past with the present to create a flip iPhone from the future, Hajek took his inspiration from the popularity of large flip phones, called "garakei," in Japan, The designer named his concept the GarekeiPhone, The detailed renders show a phone with a slick-looking lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, The flip cover, held in place by a dainty hinge, features a glowing Apple logo and a power button, The cover opens to reveal two screens, one for viewing and one for a touchscreen keyboard..

Hajek's envisions a slim, sleek phone that doesn't sacrifice Apple's clean design aesthetic. The addition of the second screen under the cover is enough to make your mind dance with the possibilities. You would have oodles of room for your keyboard and emoji. A small third screen on the outside gives you notifications. Just because Hajek imagined it, doesn't necessarily mean he wants one for himself. "Not sure if I personally would want a flipping phone, although I do find my iPhone 6 a tad on the large side," he told CNET's Crave blog.

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