zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews

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zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews

zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews

Any time you want to view content stored in your Shelf, you can swipe to the right on your main home screen in order to reveal it. Your contacts and apps are displayed by default, but you can add or remove content to fit your use. To edit your shelf, tap on the pencil icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the header image to change it, or the small + sign to add widgets to your shelf. To remove an item from your shelf, you swipe right on it when edit mode is activated. (There's a Tinder joke ready to be made there, but I'm married so I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to Tinder etiquette.).

Adding a widget to the shelf is good idea, though I'm not sold on it quite yet, Most widgets look really bad when put into this context instead of zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews displaying atop your home screen, Quickly access widgets, contacts, and frequently used apps via this nifty new feature on the OnePlus 2, OxygenOS is the name of the slightly customized version of Android running on the OnePlus 2, One of those small customizations is a new feature OnePlus is calling Shelf, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Apple's iCloud affords a backup of sorts, but doesn't really give you a way to access your photos via anything except other iDevices. (You can't sign into iCloud.com, for example, to view and manage your photos.) What's more, if you delete some photos from your iPhone in order to free up storage, those photos get deleted from your iCloud account as well. (That's because your "backup" is really just synchronization.). Wait, so iCloud doesn't technically back up your photo library? According to Apple's overview page: "If you turn on iCloud Photo Library, your photos and videos are already stored in iCloud, so they aren't included in your iCloud backup." I'm pretty adept at all things iPhone, but the vagaries of iCloud? Umm..

Update: I goofed, Apple recently added Photo Library to iCloud.com, so you can indeed manage your photos that way, But your free storage is capped at 5GB, and I still find it unclear whether this is straight-up synchronization -- meaning anything deleted from your device is deleted from iCloud as well -- or a more traditional backup, Update No, 2 (9/18/15): I received a few clarifications from an Apple rep, including this one: "After you enable iCloud Photo Library, your photos and videos are automatically uploaded and stored in iCloud, They won't be duplicated in your iCloud backup because we don't want to duplicate the storage." Also, with regard to freeing up storage: "If you turn on Optimize Storage, iCloud Photo Library will automatically manage the size of your library on your device, so you can zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews make the most of your device's storage and access more photos, All of your original, full-resolution photos and videos are stored in iCloud while device-size versions are kept on your device, You can download the original photos and videos over Wi-Fi or cellular when you need them."There are still aspects of iCloud backup -- especially with regard to photos -- I find confusing, but once you get past the learning curve, the need for a third-party alternative seems less..

Fortunately, there's a far less vague way to back up your iPhone photos: Use a different cloud service. This not only helps you free up storage, but also gives you better tools for managing the photos you've backed up. For purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to focus on Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Both services offer 15GB of free storage, cheap upgrade options and, most important of all, iOS apps that can automatically archive your photo library. Other services, including Box, Dropbox, IDrive and SugarSync, can do likewise, and if you're already using one of them, there's every reason to enlist them for photo-backup duty. But these guys offer less free storage up front and costlier plans if you need more. So if you're just getting started down this road, I recommend Google Drive or OneDrive.

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